Welcome to Toasted Woodworks!

We’re just getting things off the ground, so there’s not much in the way of content yet.  The concept is to create a blog, project guide, and woodworking portfolio gallery.

My goal is to make this site a useful resource of ideas, discussion, humor, project walk-throughs, as well as a place to share some of my own works.

Don’t worry, I’m no master craftsman.  I’m actually quite flawed, though through learning to accept my inevitable screw-ups, and discovering how to overcome such obstacles, has been where I’ve seen the most growth in my skills.

In my experience, most project plans, walk-throughs, and instructables show you the “right way” to create the project at hand.  Displaying start to finish a perfectly designed, and perfectly executed project.  But how many of us actually succeed in completing the project exactly as planned?  There is usually very little guidance offered when we’ve found folly in spite of the age old proverb:

“Measure twice cut once” -Carpenter’s Proverb

I like to think that the old adage passed down by Fathers and shop teachers is only part of the quote.  I believe the rest goes something like…

“…when you still manage to screw it up after that, buy lots of glue and get real familiar with your scrap bin and putty knives.”

Too often the questions of “what to do when…” is relegated to the comments section or to the safety of faceless anonymity of some forum originating in the mid 90’s.  My intent, is to show my mistakes, *gasp* as I walk you through my process.  Hopefully encouraging even the most clumsy of craftspeople that there is hope for even your workshop blunders.  Hopefully providing a sense of humanity to my work, and an approchability to the project and craft of woodworking overall.  The sentiments expressed by Nick Offerman in an interview with Google really resonate with me, and succinctly sum up my approach to wood working.  His comments found in the snippet below, I think, really capture the mission statement, if you will, of Toasted Woodworks.

Feel free to enjoy the rest of the interview on YouTube, it’s a hoot, though frequently peppered with Mr. Offerman’s at times colorful choice of words.  Sorry for those offended by the colorful commentary, it is/will not be a common theme to be found here, though I feel the rest of his sentiments outweighed the few PG-13 phrases anyone had to endure.  Also feel free to look into the book necessitating the interview Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop.

Content will be added as often as I can escape to my garage and create things worthy of sharing.  I hope you enjoy the content, if you have any questions or ideas for future content, please feel free to contact me.